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Hannah’s Kitchen offers a range of cakes, cupcakes, tray-bakes, cookies and sweet treats, plus bespoke, hand-decorated cakes for your very special occasion.

Hannah made my husband's 30th birthday cake and it was absolutely fantastic! It was a bit of a strange request as I wanted a baseball cap design with a specific logo on the front. The detail she put into getting it exactly right was amazing. When it was finished you could barely tell it apart from the real thing. 

Everybody loved it and it was genuinely the talk of the day - people are still mentioning it now. Not only did it look great - it tasted delicious. It was a super moist chocolate cake with tasty decorative icing. To top it all off, Hannah delivered the cake to the party venue as I couldn't get it there myself - really reassuring when you want it to arrive in one piece! 

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