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Tantalizing treats for every occasion

Hannah’s Kitchen offers a range of cakes, cupcakes, tray-bakes, cookies and sweet treats, plus bespoke, hand-decorated cakes for your very special occasion.

The food was just magnificent; so much variety, and all so beautifully prepared. Nothing was 'ordinary' and we all loved the fact you sourced as much as you could locally. We really appreciated that - everything worked. 

And I haven't even mentioned the cake yet! I knew that we were to have a cake table, but nothing prepared me - or anyone - for the fantastic array of cakes and sweet things. I was glad there was some left over for us to try different ones the next day. I thought the fresh fruit was a master stroke as we could all cleanse our palates - and then go back for more cake. 

I think the above is a confirmation that we enjoyed all you did immensely. You made our day such a pleasure and took the pressure off us. 

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