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    It's all about taste, quality and indulgence.

  • I love nothing better than playing around with flavours to get a bake that is totally mouth-watering.

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    Imaginative & Creative Baking

Tantalizing treats for every occasion

Hannah’s Kitchen offers a range of cakes, cupcakes, tray-bakes, cookies and sweet treats, plus bespoke, hand-decorated cakes for your very special occasion.

The taste is delightful, the perfect mixture of crumbly shortcake, creamy caramel and just the right amount of chocolate topping to finish them off. All credit to you, these are definitely a treasure!

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Breakfast of Kings

A sweet tooth, and a huge fan of dessert for breakfast, imagine my delight when, on a mini-break in the lovely Liverpool, Gareth suggested Moose Coffee on Dale Street.  Ok, I couldn't bend in the middle for much of ...

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