The Art of Procrastination

See? SEE? I get organised for like, a second, and then 4 months go by and once again everything’s in total disarray. My receipts are all over the place, I don’t tweet for a month and then send a flurry all in one go and, despite my husband repeatedly reminding me, I still haven’t uploaded a blog post (would that this were the olden days and you could put adverts in the yellow pages or on post office notice boards and wait for customers to come to you. Now it’s all online and if you’re not online you’re not in business. I make cakes, for crying out loud…who wants a virtual Victoria Sponge?)

There are a million and one time-consuming reasons I could give for not updating my (I presume deeply ardent) followers on my growing cake business. Some of them are really good, like the Knaresborough Christmas Market, and then Christmas, and then a new café to supply (lovely little place in Leeds City Centre, more of which later). Some are not so good, like binge-watching Grey’s Anatomy because I’ve baked every day for two weeks and it’s all I feel capable of doing (and subsequently deciding I could, like, totally be a surgeon, so quite a bit of time was then consumed researching “how to become a surgeon”, but it looked hard – and expensive – and that went by the by).

Yep. I am indeed the Queen of Procrastination. The two paragraphs above? They were written 18th March. It’s now the 5th April. Not only have I put off writing a blog post, I’ve even put off finishing it. I can’t remember where I was originally going with this, so I’ll just type and see where I end up.

Assuming I manage to post this within the next week, it’ll be more than 4 months since I last uploaded – and a lot has been going on. Admittedly right now I’m sat with my feet up, but that’s because the kitchen is going through a makeover. Usually I’d be busy making Millionaire’s Shortbread for Sociable Folk, or Carrot Cake for Cha Lounge (or tea, for Gareth).

Cha Lounge is the latest Central Leeds establishment to supply Hannah’s Kitchen produce. It opened it what was formally the Pin, on Dock Street, in January of this year, and since then they’ve been selling Hannah’s Kitchen carrot cakes, muffins, coconut macaroons, cupcakes, lemon loafs etc. as well as delicious meals made in their own kitchen. Cha – meaning Tea in Indian – Lounge has a huge array of teas (and a fine selection of booze!), all served up by the lovely, bubbly Mandeep and her staff. Definitely worth a visit!

I think I was going to write more, but for fear of further procrastination and this blog post taking more than a month to write I’ll finish here. After all, there’s wallpaper to pick out for the kitchen, and I could probably sneak in a Grey’s Anatomy. I’d like to say there’ll be more next week, but as I’m averaging one post so far this year, I don’t fancy the chances.

See you when I see you!