Crazy Cake Lady

You know those women (and yes, I am very sorry to generalise here, but let’s face it – it’s mostly women) who clog up your social media with photos of their cat? Friends of yours who could cheerfully spend an evening regaling you with stories of said cat gifting them with half dead birds, or selecting only to sleep in a position which brings greatest discomfort to their owner (the little tinkers!). I may be speaking a little from experience, having nodded, eyes-glazed, at a number of these stories myself. But who am I to judge? Turns out I’m exactly the same.

Only with cake.

My photo stream is filled with cakes, arty action shots mid-bake and all manner of baking related memes.  

It’s the first thing I talk about with my colleagues on a Monday morning, when they ask about my weekend. Those poor guys even know I’m getting a new oven delivered tomorrow, such is the level of my overshare (and they are, naturally, very excited about it). 

I would hazard a guess that baking, recipes and the state of my business accounts make up around 85% of conversations with my Mother (and at least another 5-10% on suitable diets to rid ourselves of “cake-testing” weight – see A cake lover’s thoughts on exercise).

Cake is so frequently discussed at home that I’m starting to suspect Gareth’s “travelling for work” is less of an actual career necessity than it is an opportunity to talk about anything else.

At a friend’s party recently, where I had supplied the cakes, I caught myself wittering on to all who would listen (or were too polite to interrupt) about flavours, decorations, the new oven (obvs.), business plans, business cards, trial bakes, themed bakes and the upcoming Knaresborough Christmas Market. Awkward silences, it seems, can be filled with anecdotes about transporting cakes to remote venues, while conversations about mutual friends, the property market and the new James Bond film are easily segued into that time I was still icing cupcakes as my wedding guests arrived (it gets more elaborate each time I tell it…). Stand down, all you crazy cat ladies, for I am Hannah; Crazy Cake Lady.