A Passion for Baking

Welcome to Hannah's Kitchen!

That’s a lovely thing to say. It feels like this business has been a long time in the making…and I’ve only just launched!

My own baking business is something I’ve always dreamed of, but it seemed to be an adventure for next year, and then the next year, and then…you get the picture. Of course I have a passion for baking, but turning that into a business takes an ounce of luck, a pinch of bravery, and a half pound of madness.

That madness crept in about two years ago, when I proclaimed I would make my own wedding cake, and took firm grasp one year later as I hurriedly iced cupcakes while my guests arrived. They were all dressed up beautifully, while I was covered head to foot in icing sugar, only two hours before walking down the aisle!

OK, so I was probably mad enough to do it; it just took a little bit of luck (and a friendly bird to tweet in the right ear) to get a regular order from a local bar and finally there was momentum.

And bravery? Definitely going to need some of that! To get my name out there, try new things, tackle the admin that comes with your own business. I can’t put it off any more…it’s time to turn that love of all things sweet into the next big adventure.

Wish me Luck!